Confidential Star Profile: Traveler Information

The Travel Exchange utilizes computerized files on each corporate traveler that store frequently used traveler information; such as employee number, seat preferences, car rental preferences and credit card number. These profiles ensure that your traveler's preferences are acted upon automatically without repetitive questioning between you and your Travel Exchange agent.

Airline Reservations

The Travel Exchange has American Airline's Sabre computer reservation system. Through our co-developed system with IBM, known as ACSA, we can access all airline systems. With the multi-host platform development we can go into the major systems to look at all fares and monitor electronically for seat clearance. Our system also shops the web and returns results of over 20 sites. This ensures that you are obtaining the best rates in the industry. Your agent has instant access to schedules, rates, and seat assignments. In addition, we have "last seat" availability on American, British Airways, USAir, Continental and United through its Total Access Systems.

Waitlist Clearance

Your agent is normally able to confirm reservations during peak travel periods due to priority waitlist capability with the airlines. Waitlists are monitored on a 24 hour basis through our automated quality control system.

Advance Seat Assignments

Whenever possible, your agent will arrange advance seat selection for each airline reservation and will priority waitlist and attempt to clear preferred seat assignments in sold out situations. It is important to note that your agent will not simply request a seat preference through the system, but will consult actual seating charts to ensure that the appropriate seats are assigned.

Car Rental Reservations

Utilizing our automated reservation system, your agent can provide immediate car rental information at discounted corporate rates for all major car rental companies. More than 50 car companies and brokers are our represented in our system. If you have a corporate program then your number is always recorded on the reservation. We also compare your corporate rate with other companies for savings. In addition, arrangements for limousine services can be made.


Amtrak reservations and ticketing are made directly through SABRE. European rail schedules, reservations and ticketing are maintained online.

Corporate Hotel Program

Through our affiliation with ABC Corporate Services, a consortium of large volume, well established travel agencies worldwide: The Travel Exchange is able to provide you with an excellent Corporate Rate and Preferred Rate Hotel Program. Your traveler may select from over 14,000 hotel properties worldwide. Our rates are the best and most comprehensive in the industry. Through our affiliation with Virtuoso and our preferred status with World's Leading Hotels, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hyatt and Starwood Properties, our access to key contacts enable us to often clear space in sold out situations, upgrade rooms and obtain special amenities.

24 Hour Emergency 800 Number

The Travel Exchange belongs to a 24-hour Emergency Travel Center to assist your traveler. This 800 number is professionally staffed, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. After regular office hours, your traveler can utilize this service to make emergency itinerary and reservations changes for airlines, hotels and cars.

Delivery of Travel Documents

Travel Exchange maintains it's own couriers and delivery of International tickets and emergency deliveries are made as needed.

Electronic Tickets

Electronic tickets are continuously monitored for usage and refunds are processed automatically within 24 hours. E-ticket copies are available on line.

International Services

Travel Exchange agents are highly experienced in complex international travel. They have an in depth knowledge of international tariffs and fare calculation and the subsequent ability to often reduce costs substantially. Our strong relationship with leading airlines and hotels allows us to negotiate contracts with optimum pricing.

Your agent will assist you with all visa and passport needs. We subscribe to an online database containing the most current information on entry requirements, health requirements and regulations for over 200 countries. We also provide a further check directly with the appropriate embassy or consulate. Other international services with which your agent can assist you include passport photos, and foreign currency exchanges.

Travel Alerts

Travel Exchange monitors over 40 sites daily and is a member of several high level security groups. We travel with our clients every step of the way and provide advance info and crisis management no matter where in the world something is happening that could impact travel. Whether it is a weather delay, a labor dispute, a political event, anything at all, we contact via email, phone or PDA to advise and provide options.

Meetings, Conventions and Incentives Planning

Travel Exchange Meeting Services can help you plan anything from a small training session to large sales meeting. Our extensive experience in this field allows you to outsource the many jobs and hours that go into logistics planning, leaving you free to concentrate on the content of the meeting. We provide unprecedented rates and concessions from hotels and other facilities. It is our job to deliver your conference at the least cost to you and to help you manage all the details that go into a successful meeting.

We can also help you design an incentive/performance based program and provide marketing and mailing pieces to produce optimum benefit.

Travel Exchange also offers an online registration program utilizing robust booking systems and destination information that can be customized for your meeting or incentive program.

At the conclusion of the program, we provide full auditing and reconciliation services. We audit your master billing and create a spreadsheet to reconcile all spending to proper budgets.



The confidential Special Traveler Account Record (STAR) Profile is a permanent record that contains frequently used traveler information. This information is stored in our computer and our agent can retrieve it quickly by displaying your traveler's last name. It automatically forms part of the reservation record of the traveler. This profile ensures that your traveler's preference are acted upon without repetitive questioning between you and your agent during the reservation process. We can deliver this profile form electronically to your desktop. If any information contained in a traveler's STAR Profile changes, your agent should be notified immediately so that the traveler profile can be updated.


The home telephone number and cell phone number of your traveler is of particular importance. Usually the airlines will advise the traveler or The Travel Exchange if a flight is to be delayed, changed, or canceled. Should the scheduled departure change during non-business hours, the airline or The Travel Exchange will do everything possible to contact the traveler at the traveler's residence or via cell if he is en route.



Your agent is able to accommodate business travel requests and process reservations efficiently using a full automated state-of-the-art reservation system.

In cases where more than one person is traveling to a given destination, it is recommended that all travel requests be handled in the same call. This ensures that all travelers' seating preferences will be accommodated.

Our agents are happy to service your reservation requests by either phone or email, or both, whichever works best for you. You will be provided with your agents email addresses.

We offer a very personal level of service, every phone call is answered by a receptionist, you will never reach an automated system. Please identify yourself and your company when you call and you will be connected to your agent. Additionally, if you need immediate assistance, advise the receptionist who will alert your agent, so that the call can be expedited.


Be sure to let your agent know if this is a new booking, a change in reservations or a cancellation. If the booking request differs from the traveler's standard profile and usual preference, or there are special requests or circumstances that we need to be aware of, please advise your agent.


If different from what is listed in a traveler profile, identify traveler's car preference: compact, mid size, full size, or luxury. In the event the traveler's car preference is not available, we will confirm an alternate size car or use another rental company to obtain car desired. Your Travel Exchange agent will request the rental car for pick-up at airport locations unless otherwise specified. A confirmation number will be provided.

We can also arrange limousine service.


If different from what is listed in a traveler profile, identify traveler's hotel preference: chain, location, length of stay, and type of room. In the event the traveler's hotel preference is unavailable, we will confirm alternate accommodations at comparable hotel and rate.


The Travel Exchange will make every attempt to confirm special requests. For example, special meal preference: vegetarian, low sodium, etc. Most airlines require 48 hours notification of special meal requests. Please advise your traveler to inform the flight attendant


Identify traveler's name along with date of departure and flight number. Request and record hotel cancellation number (if the hotel provides a number) as a protection against a "NO SHOW" charge to your traveler's account or credit card. After calling in the cancellation, please return all unused airline tickets or any unused part of the airline ticket to the Travel Exchange. In most cases, an unused ticket(s) has a monetary value and is considered the same as cash. These tickets must be safeguarded to protect your traveler and your company.


Prior to Departure

- All changes to a confirmed reservation should be made through our local office or after hours at 1-888-567-9405.

En route Changes

- Any change to a traveler's reservation can be made through our office 800 number: 1-800-248-0248 and in Westport 1-800-242-0248 or our 24-hour emergency number.

- If your traveler has a confirmed air reservation but does not travel on the flight and does not cancel the reservation, the passenger is considered a "NO SHOW." All other flights on that itinerary may be canceled by the airline(s).


- Whenever a traveler has misplaced or lost an airline ticket(s), immediately contact our office.

- Identify traveler's name to your agent, along with the date of departure and flight number. If available, provide the ticket(s) numbers to assist your agent to file the necessary Lost Ticket Application with the airline(s) involved.

- Your agent will file the Lost Ticket Application for you and request a refund from the airline (if refund is due).

- All airlines charge a fee to process a Lost Ticket Application, fees can differ depending on the carrier. As long as the misplaced/lost ticket has not been used, they will process a full refund less the fee. The processing period imposed by the airlines takes approximately 60-90 days.


The Travel Exchange will make every effort to ensure your traveler's final documents are accurate and complete. However, it is recommended that you review the documents when they are delivered by our courier.

To familiarize you with the procedures, we have listed below items which you should check on your traveler's documents.

A. Electronic Ticket Receipt

1. Check the e-ticket receipt carefully.

2. Verify to see that the printed itinerary agrees with your record. This will include the origin and destination cities, name of airlines, flight numbers, class of service, date and time of departure.

3. Check the fare printed on the airline ticket with the fare quoted at the time your reservation was made. If you find any discrepancies, call your agent.

4. Check the endorsements and restrictions area on the ticket for any specific conditions that apply to the ticket such as cancellation penalties, change fees, and refund policies.


1. Verify that the printed itinerary agrees with your records. The itinerary shows the name of airline, flight and class, departure city, arrival city, departure time, arrival time, and the number of stops enroute, if any.

2. Check car rental information.

a. Name of car rental company

b. Pick-up/drop off location

c. Date of pick-up

d. Length of rental

e. Car type

f. Confirmation number.

3. Check hotel information.

a. Hotel name

b. Address of hotel

c. Arrival date

d. Length of stay

e. Rate

f. Room type

g. Telephone number of hotel

h. Confirmation number

i. Arrival guarantee

4. Special Services

Check seat assignments and special meal requests, if any.

5. Confirm credit card company and number, if any.

6. Returned tickets.

If your traveler is unable to travel as planned, you should return any airline ticket(s) along with the invoice/itinerary. It is recommended that you log all tickets returned to The Travel Exchange as this will assist tracking refunds or credits.


The Travel Exchange provides your traveler with a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year Emergency Travel Service. This service includes the continental United States and many international destinations.

Experienced professional agents staff our 800 toll-free number. These agents are able to assist the corporate traveler in the unusual occurrence of unforseen circumstances that may arise while traveling.

Your traveler will be issued a personalized card with the traveler's membership number and toll-free emergency number. When using this service, a traveler should advise the agent of the ID membership number, last name and date of travel.

During office hours, travelers on the road may reach us on our office 800 numbers. The number is located on itinerary and airline ticket jackets.


A. Air Glossary

Cancellation/Revision Penalty A non-refundable charge applied to cancellations,changes, or unused advance purchase tickets.
Club Class/Business Special section of plane between first and economy class.
Confirmed Seats are definitely reserved.
Connecting Flight Flight makes a stop and change of aircraft is required.
Direct Flight Flight which makes a stop(s), but no change of aircraft enroute to destination. (May also be called a "thru flight")
Economy/Coach Main cabin of plane.
First Class Deluxe Service, front of plane.
Itinerary Complete listing of flights showing cities, flight numbers, times of arrival and departure.
Maximum Connecting Time Four hours is the longest time a passenger may stay at a domestic connecting point (unless no flights are scheduled within that time frame). After four hours the point becomes a stopover and this may substantially affect the air fare.
Minimum Connecting Time The least allowable time required for a passenger to get from one gate to another to make a "legal" connection. These times vary greatly between airports according to airline location(s).
Non-stop Flight Flight which makes no stops enroute to destination.
Priority Waitlist Flight is sold out, passengers on a higher waitlist will be confirmed by airline as any seats become available.
Reservations/Confirmation Number Number assigned to reservation to identify it.
Shuttle Term for hourly flights between Boston, New York/La Guardia and Washington.

B. Car Rental

Corporate Rate Specific rate negotiated between a particular corporation and an auto rental company. These rates are offered with the use of corporate identification number.
Daily Rate Charge imposed in most cities for one-way rentals.
Drop-off charges Fee imposed in most cities for one-way rentals.
One-way rentals Car is picked up in one city, dropped off in another.
Unlimited mileage Charge per day(s) includes unlimited number of miles.


Cancellation Penalty Hotel will impose a fee if a room is not canceled by designated time/date. Fee is generally one night's charge.
Corporate Rate A corporate rate is a room rate which is a special rate for the frequent business traveler.
Deposit/Prepayment Amount forwarded to a hotel toward a particular reservation, another form of guarantee.
Guarantee Late Arrival Many hotels will hold a room until 6:00 PM without guarantee of payment. If a traveler is arriving after that time, hotels require a guarantee of payment, often in the form of credit card or company name and address.
No Show If you traveler has confirmed hotel reservation but does not arrive as planned and does not cancel the reservation, the traveler is considered a "NO SHOW." Failure to cancel the reservation usually results in one night charge.
Single A room for one person, generally with one bed.
Twin A room for two people, generally two beds.
Double A room for two people, generally one bed.
Suite Two or more rooms, generally consisting of bedroom and parlor
Connecting Room Two rooms with a common door between room.
EP European Plan; no meals included.
FAP Full American Plan; breakfast, lunch and dinner.
MAP Modified American Plan; a choice of two meals daily, usually breakfast and dinner.
Day Room Room rented for daytime only, no overnight stay.
Public/Function Meeting Rooms Rooms available for public meetings, seminars, etc. usually for a fee.